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Statement Regarding Expanded Expungement

Published Friday, June 29, 2018

This week, South Carolina legislators passed a jobs bill that will expand expungement, putting thousands of people back to work.

According to Greenville Chamber President/CEO, Carlos Phillips:

"The General Assembly displayed great leadership in the passage of H. 3209. We thank our legislators for overriding the governor’s veto of H. 3209 and helping to put thousands of people back to work. The passage of this jobs bill exemplifies the good work that can be done when our leaders display a willingness to reach across the aisle to do what is right.

“The bill will expand South Carolina’s workforce, making our state more economically competitive and continuing our economic prosperity. Expansion of our workforce is critical to that continued economic growth. With unemployment in Greenville below 3 percent and thousands of critical jobs left unfilled, it is imperative that we increase our labor pool. Thousands of SC citizens who have been convicted of low-level, nonviolent felony offenses will now be able to have their offenses removed from their respective criminal records, thus removing a key barrier to securing gainful employment for those who want to be productive and contributing citizens.

“This bill will also give thousands of our citizens a second chance. Simple one-time, nonviolent mistakes will not result in lifelong sentences. People who have paid their debt to society will now get a second chance to take care of their families and pursue their career and professional goals.

“Our communities will actually be better places to live because we have granted people the opportunities they seek, and our business community will gain access to a new, untapped workforce. This legislation moves us one step closer to helping businesses succeed and people prosper.

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