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Greenville Chamber Announces Partnership with Nika White Consulting

Published Monday, January 23, 2017

The Greenville Chamber announces its new partnership with Nika White Consulting effective February 1, 2017. White has served as a vice president for the Greenville Chamber since the organization launched its successful diversity and inclusion initiative in August of 2012.

The Chamber’s diversity and inclusion programming and efforts will expand in 2017 with White serving as Senior Advisor to the Greenville Chamber’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. In addition to the highly successful Minority Business Accelerator, ATHENA and ACE Leadership Symposiums, Hispanic Business Council and popular NETnight programming, all initiated under White’s leadership, the Chamber will host its inaugural Diversity Summit in October of this year.

According to Chamber President/CEO Carlos Phillips, “Nika has truly embraced the spirit of entrepreneurship that our Chamber encourages. We are excited for her to continue to lead and expand our critical inclusion efforts, as well as for this next step for her to take what she has learned and developed throughout our region and beyond to even more communities and organizations dedicated to intentional inclusion efforts that foster economic growth.”

Brenda Thames, 2017 Chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, notes, “Our diversity and inclusion efforts have been possible thanks to support from key investors in the Chamber’s Accelerate private sector fueled economic development initiative. Nika has continuously surpassed economic growth goals, and surprised and delighted our community with innovative programming.  It’s important to note that these efforts will continue to be integral to the Chamber as we move forward in partnership with Nika White Consulting."

Since its inception in 2013, the Greenville Chamber’s Minority Business Accelerator  has served 33 firms, seen over $9.8 million in contracts awarded, and has created approximately 140 jobs. White’s development of leadership symposiums has brought necessary attention to the economic case for the support for women and minorities in leadership positions, and the leadership pipeline she initiated has resulted in over 1200 individuals serving over 80 Upstate organizations in volunteer leadership roles to date.

“I am honored to be a part of the successes the Greenville Chamber continues to reap from its commitment to diversity and inclusion,” says White. “I look forward to our ongoing partnership as well the opportunity to provide services to other communities and organizations that can benefit from strategic diversity and intentional inclusion efforts. The value of diversity and inclusion drives innovation, enriches experiences, promotes growth and strengthens economic competitiveness. For Greenville to stay and grow even stronger, we need the talents, abilities and perspectives of all our citizens, and we are fortunate that the Greenville Chamber is dedicated to creating prosperity for all.”

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