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About Leadership Greenville

The Chamber's flagship leadership program is designed to help develop informed, committed and qualified leaders for Greenville County. By taking an intensive look into the issues affecting Greenville County, Leadership Greenville prepares and motivates participants to provide quality, dynamic leadership within the area. Since the program began in 1973, there have been over 2000 participants. Many alumni have served in key leadership positions within their businesses and organizations, as well as city council, county council, school board, members of Congress and judges.

New classes embark each year on a journey to understand the inner-workings of our area, including Managed Growth and the Economy, Quality of Life, Human Services, Local Government, Justice, Education and State Government.Each class selects projects to meet a need in the area. Class Projects are chosen based on proposals submitted by class members, as well as nonprofit Chamber-Investor organizations.

If you are invited to participate, we are confident that you will find it to be one of the most enriching, engaging, and inspiring experiences in your life. You will almost certainly develop life-long friendships with other civic-minded men and women in our community, as well as a deeper understanding of what makes our community exceptional and also the challenges we face. 

How to Get Involved

Leadership Greenville requires a 10-month commitment. Participants are selected each spring through an application process based upon their past involvement in the community and their ability to set and achieve high personal goals. 




Special thanks to our Leadership Greenville Class 46 Sponsor

 Leadership Greenville relies on your support to assure that a truly diverse network of leaders will be prepared to guide Greenville’s future.



"Effective leaders are 1) well versed on the issues and threats to prosperity, 2) holistic in their approach to problem solving, and 3) inclusive during the decision making process. Leadership Greenville provides future leaders with the necessary tools to make a meaningful positive impact on our community, as well as insight on our future challenges." 
John Castile, Greenville City Manager


"Leadership Greenville gave me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. It helped me understand the different opportunities and challenges that are ahead of us as a business community. It also allowed me to connect with new people and exposed me to many issues that I personally am now interested in getting further involved with."

Ryan Johnston, Upstate Business Journal


"When I started the Leadership Greenville program, I did not realize how profoundly my life would change in nine short months. It opened my eyes to the community which I love and now call home, and lit a fire in my heart to do everything I can to help Greenville grow."

Dorothy Self, DFS Creative Concepts

"Leadership Greenville provides aspiring leaders the platform to lead at a greater level. Whether you're a native or transplant, this program will help foster your love for this community like never before."

Lamont Sullivan, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate



2019-2020 Leadership Greenville Advisory Council

Sima Patel, Michelin NA
Jonathan Parker, All Good Things
Lindsey Stemann, McMillon Consulting
Adam Witter, Wells Fargo
Matteel Jones, Greenville Technical College
Wendy Walden, Greenville Technical College
Tracey Boucher, ScanSource
Berri Heinz, Prisma Health
Katie Leckenbusch, Warehouse Theatre
Lisa Dwight, DP3 Architects


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