Now Recruiting for Fall 2019
Now Recruiting for Fall 2019
Creating a Talent Pipeline
Filling the Jobs of the Future


Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce is the number one challenge facing employers in Greenville, particularly in high-demand industries like advanced manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. In response to this challenge, the Greenville Chamber is facilitating a business- led approach to shrink the skills gap and strengthen our workforce through strategic, data-driven talent recruitment and workforce development initiatives.

Recognizing that work-based learning benefits students, employers, schools, and the community, the Greenville Chamber and Greenville County Schools have partnered to create LaunchGVL, an initiative to connect high school students with paid work opportunities in Greenville’s high-demand occupations. Paired with relevant coursework, students will launch their careers in one of six pathways and enter the workforce and college more equipped to succeed. As participating businesses supplement their workforce with energetic students, they also create a talent pipeline to fill the jobs of the future and close the growing skills gap.

Now recruiting for Fall 2019 (deadline August 30th)


Fall 2019 Interview Days- September 19th & 20th