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Accelerate Greenville



Accelerate is Greenville’s private sector-fueled economic development initiative. It exists above and beyond regular Greenville Chamber initiatives in an aggressive and forward-thinking effort to cultivate further growth. Results to date have been more than promising. We have identified four major strategies for growth to take our region into the future:

Companies keep the majority of their wealth where they’re headquartered. NEXT is building an ecosystem where risk takers and pioneers can thrive and generate high-quality jobs and wealth.

Workforce is the differentiating factor when communities compete for capital investment and jobs. The region that best solves that problem will be the one that accelerates its growth to a new level.

Diversity is essential to a well-rounded and resilient economy. We intend to continue funding the Minority Business Accelerator, supplier diversity and more efforts to foster inclusiveness.

Greenville has been shaped by big thinking. An international airport. A technical college. A medical school. A performing arts center. A downtown baseball stadium. An automotive research center. Accelerate exists in large measure to help spark and support game-changing projects.

For more information on Accelerate or to find out how you can invest, please contact Brittney Kessler, Accelerate Portfolio Manager at 864-239-3702.


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