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Meet the Team: Stephanie Tutunjian

Posted by: Stephanie Tutunjian on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

My name is Stephanie Tutunjian and I am from Easley, South Carolina. I am a senior at Clemson University where I am pursing a BA degree in Political Science with a minor in Brand Communications. Although most of my hobbies include spending time at the library or waitressing part time, I do manage to squeeze in some me time as well. I enjoy being outdoors either in nature or attending concerts, I love a good Netflix show, and of course spending time with my friends, family or boyfriend always makes my day better. I come from an Italian family which includes a lot of cooking and good music. With living so close to home, I can always look forward to a delicious meal on Sunday evenings.

I was hired at the Chamber as the Business Advocacy Intern for this fall. I will be assisting Jason with his day to day needs, as well as preparing for events, presentations, and legislative sessions. I will also help with writing the upcoming public policy guide as well as assisting with marketing research for legislative priorities. I am really looking forward to attending legislative sessions as well as bringing creative ideas to the Chamber. I am thankful to have received this opportunity to work with Jason and the Chamber this fall as it will further my knowledge, and be a great asset to my major.


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