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BIGPAC Invites You to Join Us in 2017

Posted by: Chamber Investor on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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BIGPAC. We hope you've heard about us by now, though we’ll forgive you if you’ve tuned out all things remotely political. For those who don’t know us, we're the only political action committee looking out specifically for Greenville businesses.

You may have noticed that 2016 was an election year. And on the state level, BIGPAC had a great election year. We supported 24 House and Senate candidates, each of whom had a strong record of supporting businesses such as yours. We believe, as do those candidates we supported, that a strong local business community is the key to the engine that keeps Greenville dynamic, growing, and making so many “Best of” lists around the country. While we didn't pick the winner every time, an 87% win rate wasn't shabby. 

Our only source of funding is the voluntary donations given to us by business leaders like you. We receive no Chamber dollars. In a political world ruled by populist ideas, it is more critical than ever for the business community to stand together for the policies that create jobs, raise incomes, and improve our quality of life. Capitalism is not a dirty word, and business – large and small – is a critical part of lifting up an entire community. BIGPAC exists to make certain our political leaders understand the central role your businesses have in the success of this region.

On Monday, we will have Speaker of the House Jay Lucas in town for a visit. We'll be on the rooftop of the new Ruth's Chris at their new bar – Up on the Roof – the night before it opens to the public. The views of downtown Greenville are amazing, and a great chance to reflect on the growth your efforts have brought to our city. You’ll also have the chance to interact with elected leaders in a relaxed setting. It is vital that you build those relationships with our leaders BEFORE you need them for something. The Chamber has preached that for years, and BIGPAC is giving you a perfect opportunity to put this concept into action.

Please join us Monday night for a drink, a view, and a chance to encourage our leaders to promote a strong pro-business climate in the Upstate. Your $50 donation will go a long way toward helping us achieve our goals.

-Paul Greene, BIGPAC Board Member


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