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Why Mentor?

Posted by: Pulse Young Professionals on Monday, September 12, 2016

We recently hosted a gathering of our Pacesetter mentees from 2009 to the current class. The event gave us an opportunity to catch up with class members and help them connect with young professionals from different class years. It also gave us an opportunity to reflect upon the many reasons why we are glad we said “yes” to becoming Pacesetter mentors. We know our peers could contribute to developing Greenville’s future leaders in meaningful ways. Here’s why we believe being a mentor is both powerful and rewarding, and why we would like to invite you to be a part of the experience:

  • It’s the right thing to do. Greenville’s vibrant business and cultural community was built on the tradition of giving back. Over the years, we each have benefitted immeasurably from mentors and others who generously shared their advice and knowledge. Serving as a Pacesetter mentor is one way to give back.
  • It’s fun. Greenville’s young professional community is full of energetic, talented individuals committed to advancing in their careers and working to make our community even better. It’s an enormous pleasure to help our talented mentees achieve their goals and connect them with others who can help them on their journey. It’s even more gratifying to stay in touch over the years and see them making enormous individual and collective impact on our community. 
  • It’s a great opportunity to learn from the next generation of Greenville’s leaders. Our mentees each have unique perspectives on trends in business and technology, issues facing our community, and approaches to addressing them. In our meetings over the years, we’ve discussed topics ranging from time management, work-life balance, professional trends, financial management, personal and professional goals, community problems, and ways to engage with Greenville’s vibrant non-profit community. Invariably, we’ve learned things along the way, ranging from the latest app, tips to tackle an overflowing email in-box, great service providers, off-beat destinations, and the latest in music and entertainment.   
  • It allows us to help make Greenville even more vibrant. By challenging young professionals to consider their personal legacy to Greenville and helping to connect them with others in the community interested in working in that area, we can help move our community forward. 

Passionate, committed mentors are a key part of advancing Greenville’s vibrant business community. We hope you will consider contributing to our City’s future as a Pacesetters mentor.

- Jo Hackl & Russell Stall

Learn more about becoming a Pulse Young Professionals Pacesetters mentor.


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