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Greenville Roads Referendum Passes Second Reading. What’s Next?

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Monday, June 2, 2014
On Tuesday, May 20, Greenville County Council voted to pass the penny sales tax referendum through to a third reading with a vote of 7-3. This was the second of three votes by County Council. The third and final vote determines whether or not the referendum will be included on the November 2014 ballot, giving Greenville citizens the power to decide if they would like to raise the sales tax by one cent in an effort to maintain the county’s crumbling transportation system. The Chamber supports the passage of this referendum on the premise that it not only provides a steady influx of funds for maintenance and improvement of our failing roads, highways, and bridges, but also because the people of Greenville County deserve the chance to decide. If the referendum passes at the third reading, this does not mean that the ordinance passes. Passage of the referendum at the third reading would mean that the people are given the power to make the decision in November on whether or not to take advantage of this economic development opportunity. The Chamber’s Public Policy team has worked tirelessly to push transportation-focused legislation through at the State House with little progress being seen at a state level. Despite the efforts of the Chamber’s lobbyists, legislators have been unable to find a compromise for addressing South Carolina’s infrastructure needs- needs that amount to $29.3 billion, SCDOT estimates. This delay in progress is what spurred County Council to take action to fix our roads. Now that the first two readings of the referendum have passed, what’s next? First, you can contact your County Council. Let them know you appreciate their hard work on this important issue. For those who voted to pass the referendum, let them know they have your support. For those who opposed it, let them know you support the referendum and how important it is that we act quickly. Your County Council works hard to serve the people and any decisions made are in an effort to best serve the county. By letting those who opposed the referendum know that you support the opportunity to vote in November, they are better able to make decisions based on what county residents have asked for. Here is the link to your County Council’s contact information: Below is a list of the voting record from the May 20th meeting:
  • In Favor: Bob Taylor, Xanthene Norris, Liz Seman, Lottie Gibson, Butch Kirven, Fred Payne and Joe Baldwin
  • Opposed: Sid Cates, Joe Dill and Willis Meadows
You can also show your support through the Citizens for a Better Greenville County Facebook page. This group is a local initiative focused on allowing Greenville residents the opportunity to decide the best way to fund infrastructure improvements county wide. We invite you to like the page, found at You can also attend the final reading and public hearing, which will be held on Tuesday, June 3rd at 6pm in County Council Chambers, located at County Square. This will be the last vote if the referendum is to be placed on the November 2014 ballot! If you have any questions regarding this important issue, please reach out to Elizabeth Edwards or Megan Sherard. We hope to keep our membership updated and informed as progress is made.


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