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Leighton Cubbage on Habit's to Win

Posted by: Marion Mann on Friday, March 7, 2014
We were honored to have local entrepreneur Leighton Cubbage speak at our Friday Forum on February 28th. At the end of his presentation, the Chamber’s Vice-Chair of Small Business Steve Bailey noted, “Don't all 200 of us feel like Leighton is our friend now?” We did and so appreciate the encouraging words from such a kind and significant person, and thank Leighton for his time and great advice. Leighton Cubbage Leighton M. Cubbage is Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board for Serrus Capital Partners, a real estate investment company headquartered in Greenville. His entrepreneurial background is steeped in the telecom industry, where he also cofounded Serrus Telecom Investments. Leighton has served on boards in the automotive, banking, and healthcare industries, including two terms as Chairman for the Greenville Health System, the largest healthcare organization in SC. Cubbage was a star linebacker at his high school in Sumter, but that glory didn’t necessarily follow him to the field at Clemson. Instead, he started delivering pizzas. That led to owning pizza shops and the rest is an entrepreneurial journey through many failures and more successes. When asked what success looks like to him, he noted that it has looked different to him in many stages of his life, but that now, “Success is significance. What are you doing to help people?” Currently, Cubbage works to help entrepreneurs with their goals through the Successful Entrepreneurship Lecture Series. Here are just a few of his “21 Habits to Win”: Make the decision to do it. The first and hardest step is to make the decision to do it. Once you do this, share that decision with positive people, and get away from negative thoughts and influences. When he told his dad he was quitting the Clemson football team, his father said, “You’re my horse if you never win a race.” Cubbage attributes this unconditional love for much of his success. Work on yourself. Cubbage notes to the need to “Explode your mind with books, seminars and great people.” He pointed out his mother-in-law in the audience who, he said has many nice things, but when asked what her most valuable possession is, always says it’s her library. According to Cubbage, “Many people get their diploma and think they’re done, but that’s when it’s go time!” Dreams written down and dated are goals. Cubbage sites the need to know what you want to do and that, “If you don’t have goals, you’re going to work for someone who does. The same goes for managing your time - “If you don’t, someone else will.” Solve needs. Need satisfaction is critical . Passion for what you do is great, but it’s not a business model unless you’re creating an enterprise that meets other people’s needs. If you can help people with their goals, your goals will be exceeded. Work with people who are talented, fun, have integrity, and that you like as friends. “I’m better when I’m with people I want to be with.“ Cubbage stressed the need to treat people with kindness, love and respect. Absolute integrity is everything. Never say anything that isn’t true because your name is worth more than gold and silver. Dress, act and prepare professionally. Cubbage noted the importance of looking the part, “If you’re buying you can wear flip flops, but if you’re selling, you better look like the bank.” Get right with God….and technology. Cubbage stressed the need to take spiritual steps forward as part of a holistic approach to a fulfilling life, including loving and nurturing people. And technology isn’t going anywhere, so embracing it is critical to success. You can watch the February 28th Friday Forum  "21 Habits to Win with Leighton Cubbage" Video Here! The Greenville Chamber's Friday Forum Series, held the 4th Friday of each month, is designed to help business professionals connect, learn and grow with networking opportunities and educational presentations. The next Friday Forum on March 28th will feature a panel discussion on the NEXT High School. Details at


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