Value-Add Partner: Greenville Technical College Corporate Training Program

The Greenville Chamber in partnership with Greenville Technical College is now offering access to Corporate Training Programs at a discounted rate. Position yourself and your team for success by staying on the cutting edge of your industry.

Greenville Chamber Investors will receive a 10% discount on the following courses:

  • Supervisory Certificate
  • Leadership & Management Certificate
  • Certificate in Safety Leadership Corporate Training Programs



1. Call the Chamber at 864-242-1050 to receive your discount code.
2. You’ll be transferred to Greenville Technical College Economic Development and Corporate Training, where the registration desk will handle your enrollment.
3. You’re all set!


Supervisory Certificate Program
Classes start September 10th

Leadership and Management Certificate
Classes start August 23rd

Certificate in Safety Leadership
Spring 2019



The discount applies to each individual course required for each certificate, so Investors do not have to register for an entire certificate at one time in order to apply the discount. Courses must be completed within a 2 year time frame. You must take all of the related coursework to obtain your certificate.

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