Statement Regarding Greenville Health System

Published Monday, February 26, 2018

Greenville Chamber President and CEO, Carlos Phillips, released the following statement in regards to local ownership of Greenville Health System:


“Our community has engaged in a pitched debate about the future of health care over the past several years.

“The Greenville Chamber supports continued local control of Greenville Health System and the health care and economic decisions made by a major health system. A locally owned GHS means we have community leadership committed to providing access to high-quality and affordable health care.

“In addition to the potential impact on health delivery, GHS is one of the area’s largest employers. Local control of GHS ensures retention of thousands of highly educated, trained and talented professionals and the continued training of the next generation at the medical school.

“The Greenville Chamber encourages policymakers and community leaders to support this significant community asset. We hope local medical professionals will continue to make the critical decisions needed to continue the delivery of exceptional care and the economic benefits provided by GHS, sensitive to but unencumbered by governmental control.

“Please contact your senators today and ask them to support a strong, locally owned Greenville Health System.”

To find out who your Senator is, click here.

Senator Karl Allen (803) 212-6008

Senator Tom Corbin (803) 212-6100

Senator Shane Martin (803) 212-6420

Senator William Timmons (803) 212-6008

Senator Danny Verdin (803) 212-6230

If you live in Senate districts 8 or 12, please contact Senators Talley and Turner and tell them: “Thank you for supporting a locally owned health system.”

Senator Scott Talley (803) 212-6048

Senator Ross Turner (803) 212-6148

For more information or for questions about the Greenville Chamber’s business advocacy positions, please contact Jason Zacher, Senior Vice President of Business Advocacy, at 864-239-3718 or

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