Greenville Chamber, Upstate Chamber Coalition Issue First Vote Alerts Of 2017

Published Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Greenville Chamber, through our partners in the Upstate Chamber Coalition, issued two “UCC Vote Alert” letters today to the South Carolina General Assembly regarding three bills in the Senate and House this week. The Chamber and the Coalition support passage of these three bills and the votes will be published in the Coalition’s Legislative Report in May.

S. 118 is legislation that increases the civil jurisdiction of Civil Magistrates Court from $7,500 to $10,000. This is legislation we have opposed in the past – when the increases were more significant. However, the threshold for jurisdiction has not been raised in almost two decades, and the Coalition realizes that a ten thousand dollar threshold is a good compromise with advocates for increasing the civil jurisdiction. (See the letter here.)

H. 3516 is legislation that will increase the gasoline user fee by 10 cents. The Coalition has long supported sustainable funding for our crumbling roads by raising the state’s gasoline user fee since our roads are the deadliest in the nation and their condition is impacting commerce. We support substantial, sustainable, and recurring funding for roads. This legislation meets those criteria.

H. 3358 will bring our state in compliance with the federal Real ID provisions. This is critical so our businesses can participate in interstate commerce, and their employees don’t have to jump through hoops to board planes or enter federal buildings. Without passage, South Carolinians would need a passport to board airplanes early next year. (See the letter here.)

For more information on these pieces of legislation, or for questions about the Chamber’s position, please contact: Jason Zacher, Vice President of Business Advocacy, at 864-787-6608.

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