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Brookfield/Mauldin Workforce Survey

The Workforce Data Collaborative is collecting and analyzing data to examine barriers to workforce participation and career progression and to identify opportunities to enhance participation. The analysis will be shared with business leaders and policymakers to inform and prioritize solutions.

If you operate a business or work in Brookfield/Mauldin, we want to hear from YOU!


Take the survey here:

The Workforce Data Collaborative's previous survey initiative:

Downtown Area (29601) Transportation Survey

Transportation is commonly reported by employers and employees alike as the number one challenge in connecting workers with jobs. We collected input to guide our efforts in removing barriers to workforce participation.

Takeaways from July 16th Meeting:



What is the Workforce Data Collaborative? 

Area organizations are partnering to form the Workforce Data Collaborative (WDC) to conduct the research critical to advancing Greenville’s economic development. The first phase of data collection began on Monday, May 14, 2018 with a transportation-focused survey being distributed to employers and employees in the downtown area (29601).

The Greenville Chamber, Greenville Area Development Corporation, Appalachian Council of Governments and SC Works convened in April to form the WDC to collect and analyze data to examine barriers to workforce participation and opportunities to enhance participation.

The WDC identified four major barriers to employment, including:

  • Transportation
  • Child care
  • Housing
  • Criminal records

Who's Being Surveyed? 

The first phase of data collection will focus on transportation in key areas identified through employer feedback, including the downtown area (29601), Brookfield/Mauldin, Pelham Road and the Donaldson/SCTAC area.

How Will the Data Be Used? 

The analysis will be shared with business leaders and policymakers to inform administrative, regulatory or policy changes to enhance workforce participation.

How Can I Help?

Participate in applicable surveys as they become available and help spread the word. For more information, call us at 864-242-1050. 

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