Leadership Greenville Class 45 Project Host

Leadership Greenville Class 45 | Team 3

Project Host

Project Host began as a soup kitchen in 1981 and since then, has evolved into a culinary school for unemployed and underemployed, a feeding program for local after-school sites, and an onsite garden that contributes all its fresh produce to the other programs.

Welcoming 125 hungry people, six days a week is not just about providing a hot meal—it should start well before someone enters the door.

  • Signage should invite people in with visual appeal, as well as inform the community about Project Host programs.
  • Landscaping will foster a sense of hominess and nod to Project Host’s Gardening for Good initiative.
  • A colorful mural will inspire both the community to support the Project Host mission, and visitors to happily enter the space.

Project Host offers an open invitation for Greenville’s less fortunate to make themselves at home, and with these improvements, that welcome will be more effectively extended.

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