Leadership Greenville Alumni

Graduates of Leadership Greenville are part of a very special network of talented and dedicated individuals. Whether from Class 1 or 42, this network can be critical to professional successes and the future of Greenville. Strong communities require strong leadership and Leadership Greenville Alumni are uniquely positioned to build a better community.

We invite all LG graduates to continue the Leadership Greenville experience by joining Leadership Greenville Alumni

Becoming an LG Alumni member allows you to keep the “Ah-ha moments” coming, stay informed, reignite your passion, support LG scholarship opportunities and stay connected with other LG alumni.

You can start or renew your membership for $100 and have access to:

  • Six 2.0 Events (NEW)
    • LGA members can join LG 43 for a panel discussion at the end of six LG class days (October 5, November 2, December 7, January 11, March 1, April 5). Following the panel discussion, LGA members are invited to stick around and speak one-on-one with panelists, and then to attend a LGA social.
  • Discount Rate for LG Summit on March 31, 2017 (NEW)
    • New for 2017, there will be a half-day Leadership Greenville Summit featuring breakout sessions focused on Greenville-specific opportunities and challenges, and a few high-profile leaders giving an outside perspective on how other communities are addressing change. The summit will be available at a reduced cost to LGA members.
  • LGA Membership Directory (COMING SOON)
    • This new interactive directory is being developed to include all LGA Members. The directory will assist in engaging and involving LGA in community dialogue and involvement.
  • LGA Summer Bash Project Tour (NEW)
  • Lab Opportunity: Ride-Along
  • Annual Fireside Chat on February 23, 2017

Additionally, LGA Members will have first opportunity to participate in, and receive discounts for, these two new tracks designed as a continuation of your Leadership Greenville experience (space will be limited and registration will be required):

  • Political Leadership Experience: Educates business leaders on political advocacy. Includes topics such as How to Build (and Spend) Political Capital, Developing an Advocacy Strategy, Engaging Public Officials, and How to Run for Public Office.
  • Community Leadership Experience: Includes board and governance training to ensure that your board and individual members are highly effective and efficient. Includes topics such as Recruiting Board Members, Governance Structure and Financial Sustainability.

Pay It Forward: Did you know that membership dues help to ensure that qualified candidates for both the Leadership Greenville and Youth Leadership Greenville programs are able to participate regardless of their financial resources?

For more information, please contact:

Derek Lewis | Leadership Greenville Alumni Chair

Tami Miller | Leadership Development Director

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