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ATHENA Organizational Leadership Award

The ATHENA Organizational Leadership Award® is presented to a Greenville Chamber Investor during the annual ATHENA Leadership Symposium in recognition of an organization’s commitment to and accomplishments in developing a culture in which women employees will achieve their full leadership potential. The Award is unique both in scope - local, national, and international - and in its support of the ATHENA International mission of supporting, honoring and developing women leaders on which it is based.

Organizations can demonstrate support and development of women employees by a number of methods, including the best practices described below. Organizations should respond to best practices that apply to their organization. Organizations do not have to be engaged in all of these best practices and are encouraged to include innovative strategies and initiatives not covered below.

Nomination/application information should include—wherever possible—measurement data for the criteria which applies to the organization. In submitting a nomination, please describe the ways in which the organization meets the criteria below.



Important Dates:

August 1, 2018- Nominations open

September 14, 2018- Deadline for Nominations

November 8, 2018- ATHENA Leadership Symposium

Best Practices:

  • Program(s) or initiatives to specifically advance women employees are provided in the organization
  • Goals are set and progress on those goals is regularly monitored to increase the number of women in leadership roles in the organization
  • Data on advancing women employees is shared throughout the organization
  • Senior leaders, including the CEO, demonstrate a commitment toward including women in senior leadership roles and cultivating talented women to assume those roles in the future
  • Senior women leaders serve as role models for women employees in the organization
  • Mentoring is provided for women within the organization
  • Women employees have opportunities to develop and implement career plans for advancement within the organization
  • Programs such as flexible hours, child care, etc. are available to help women balance families and careers
  • The organization has a diverse governing board
  • The organization supports and develops women leaders in the Greenville community

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