Corporate & Community Competitiveness

“Greenville is a community that is too restless to be content with its own success.”

- Jim Clinton, Southern Growth Policies Board

The Greenville Chamber is dedicated to accelerating economic prosperity by focusing on the unique mix of people, places and products that define Greenville. By understanding how we can better leverage those resources, Greenville’s leaders can craft compelling visions and effective strategies that will propel the region to new levels of success. The Chamber accomplishes this by focusing on several interrelated strategies.

1. Champion a pro-business environment for all employers by

  • Facilitating Industry Roundtables and conducting personal interviews to surface current and emerging issues and opportunities in key industry sectors
  • Creating a Leadership Council among key employers to provide strategic guidance related to findings surfaced through this process

2.  Engage with peer and aspirational communities across the country to determine best development practices, promote our brand and to surface business opportunities by

  • Coordinating intercommunity  visits from delegations from other cities
  • Coordinating an outbound, learning visit (Intercommunity Leadership Visit) every other year
  • Coordinating a Greenville-focused intracommunity visit to expose local leaders to emerging issues, new development projects and best practices in our own city.

Both of these strategies will help inform the process to identify new catalytic projects for Greenville. The Chamber will collaborate with economic development allies to identify and leverage Greenville’s unique assets to create/attract entities and operations that make a game-changing impact culturally and economically.



Industry Roundtables

Industry Roundtables will be reconvened in early 2016 to explore current and emerging issues companies are facing. Top leaders from the following sectors will be invited to participate in these meetings:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Call Centers
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

     Staff Contact: Hank Hyatt, 864-239-3714

Community Competitiveness Committee

The Community Competitiveness Committee provides opportunities for local leaders to engage in thoughtful conversation and learning opportunities as well as to possibly lend a hand in moving key projects and initiatives forward in Greenville.  This group is involved in hosting delegations from other communities as well as in coordinating intra- and intercommunity visits by Greenville’s leadership.  

     Staff Contact: Hank Hyatt, 864-239-3714

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