Talent Wins!

Posted by: Carlos Phillips on Sunday, October 29, 2017

Everyone wants talent. When I was a young lad, I wanted the most talented kid in my neighborhood on my kickball team. Employers want the best and brightest talent available in order to deliver better products and services than their competitors.

Communities want the best talent too, because talent leads to better companies, higher wages and smarter growth. A large tech company recently announced plans to build a headquarter location for thousands of employees with an average annual salary of $100,000. This company will place their HQ location in the community that will provide them the best access to top talent – period.

An economist recently stated that Greenville MUST grow its workforce if it is to experience continued economic prosperity. It was important in kickball, and it’s also critical for successful economic and community growth – talent wins!

Accelerate is Greenville's private sector-fueled economic development initiative, designed to prepare our community for tomorrow.
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Carlos Phillips is President/CEO of the Greenville Chamber.


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