In Business: Tucanos Brazilian Grill

Posted by: Rionne Ridgeway on Friday, May 6, 2016

April 27th the Greenville Chamber was able to be a part of a highly anticipated event - the ribbon cutting and VIP celebration of Tucanos Brazilian Grill in Magnolia Park. As you probably know, we have done hundreds of ribbon cuttings but there is a first time for everything. This one was definitely unique to Tucanos. Rather than using our classic gold scissors, Tucanos provided their own cutting apparatus- machetes! The opening of Tucanos captured the flavor of Brazil (pun intended) with Samba dancers in costume, a live band, men performing Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts) and food- so much food-which needs to be discussed.

Every aspect of dining is covered at Tucanos beginning with refreshing drinks like the Copacabana, served in a whole pineapple, that was enjoyed by our very own Hank Hyatt (you may have seen the picture on Instagram). Tucanos offers Churrasco (shoe-HAS-ko) style dining “where fresh meats and vegetables are grilled and brought directly to your table by meat servers.” As long as your Tucanos Cue stays green side up, their servers will continue to offer you a limitless assortment of Picanha (Pea-con-ya)/Top Sirloin; Assado (Ah-SAH-do)/Marinated Beef Brisket; Peru (Peh-ROO)/Turkey wrapped in bacon; my personal favorite Linguiça (Ling-GWEE-sah)/Brazilian sausage; and many more. I do caution you not to get so caught up in the parade of delicious meats that you miss the Tucanos Festival of Salads which features fresh salad ingredients, soups, sides, sushi, fruit, bread, etc. The lobster bisque, Brazilian cheese bread, and fried bananas were a big hit with our table. If you are feeling especially hungry and ambitious you can add specialty skewers to any Tucanos’ Churrasco, and don’t forget about their dessert tray which features Pudim de Leite (Brazilian flan), Truly A’MAZON Fudge Brownie, Mango Butter Cake, and more. 

If you’re feeling ravenous and wanting to expand your cultural horizons I highly recommend Tucanos. The environment is bright and lively and the food is fresh and delicious. We were honored to be a part of Tucanos’ Grand Opening and are glad they came to Greenville. For more information, go to   


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