Taxes & Regulations Advocacy

Guiding Principle: We will work at the state and local levels to cut red tape for small business, make our region more economically competitive, and lower the barriers to entry for local entrepreneurs.

2017 Agenda Items:

  • Business license fees: We support streamlining and standardizing the business license fee process. We oppose intentional efforts to negatively impact municipal revenue. We will also aggressively seek compromise on which entity manages an online payment portal.
  • Angel Investor tax credit expansion: The General Assembly needs to reauthorize the successful Angel Investor tax credit program that encourages South Carolinians to fund our own high-impact start-up companies.
  • Headquarters tax credits: We need to reassess and expand our efforts to attract corporate headquarters to the Upstate.
  • High-impact company incentives: We need to re-vamp our corporate incentive programs to focus on the high-impact companies which do not qualify for traditional incentive packages that focus on costly infrastructure.


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