Legislative Agenda

This Legislative Agenda is driven by results from the Greenville Chamber’s membership-wide survey of our 2200+ Investors, input from the Chamber’s Legislative Issues Committee, and additional input and approval by the Chamber’s Board of Directors. It reflects the Greenville business community’s legislative priorities for the year 2016.

2016 Legislative Report Card
See how your elected officials voted on issues that matter to business.


2016 Legislative Agenda


The 2016 agenda focuses on five areas:

1. Transportation & Infrastructure

An effective, well-funded transportation network is needed to accelerate growth. It is past time to increase the user fee for gasoline and prioritize maintenance so we can expand critical economic corridors.

2. Education and Workforce

We must ensure we have a well-funded and efficient education system from early childhood to post-college training for our workforce. We can invest now or pay a heavy economic price down the road.

3. Economic Growth

We support initiatives to grow and nurture our entrepreneurs and existing businesses so they can become the next great American success stories.

4. Tourism

As tourism becomes a bigger share of the Upstate economy, we will work with partners across the state to boost this booming industry.

5. Good Government

We will work with our state and Congressional delegations to streamline government and restore faith in our elected leaders. We will champion vigorous but civil discourse to find solutions to our challenges.

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